RESFOOD: Resource efficient and safe food production and Processing

Many natural resources (water, minerals in fertilizers, soil, biomass and energy) are used in crop cultivation and food processing and additionally significant amounts of bio-wastes are produced. Besides huge water and energy losses, 20 -50 % of the nutrients and 30 % of all food produced in Europe is lost and wasted. Although much progress has been achieved in the last decades, resource usage is often still very inefficient, due to the lack of technological solutions and knowledge and concerns about health and safety issues.

RESFOOD addresses the essential topics in the food chain towards Resource Efficient and Safe Food Production and Processing, leading to:

  • Reduced use of resources input by recycling and re-use (Nutrients, Water, Energy)
  • Maximized resource productivity (Nutrients, Energy, Biomass)
  • Recovery of valuable bio-based compounds
  • Increase of food safety through efficient environmental friendly disinfection strategies and new fast detection and monitoring

by developing and on-site pilot-testing/demonstration of innovative ‘green’ solutions

This project is financially supported by the EU under the FP7 program. For more details

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