From vegetable residues to high-quality protein

Europe imports about 77% of its protein requirements. Protein is an expensive raw material. Through the years, many initiatives have been taken to change this shortfall, but nevertheless it is still there. Provalor has been working in this field to orient to new approaches.
Green plants contain very high-quality protein (Rubisco). It is not yet come to exploitation, because of:

• The high costs of logistics associated with the collection of plants (residues)
• Low protein% (± 2%) in the plant, enabling complex processing and relatively high logistics and processing
• Competition with other applications, such as green manure crop
• Novel Food issues

This research is focused on the refining of vegetable protein from existing waste streams. By winning residual protein from vegetable residues, processing can be preserved and become a new source of income in the chain. Provalor functions as a developer and as a marketing party. Protein fits into Provalor’s ‘ingredients portfolio’.

The development also has potentially significant environmental gains. Protein is rich in nitrogen and replacement of ‘import’ protein by “local” protein means a decrease in the nitrogen surplus and less risk for leaching to groundwater.

For this project, a contract is provided by the RFO under the SBIR call “Verduurzamen Voedselproductie”.