New ingredients from Chicory root residues

Dutch consumers should eat more fibre. As we eat more and more composed and industrially prepared foods, there is a huge challenge for the food industry. This industry needs high-quality ingredients with a high content of dietary fibre that can be easily processed in a wide variety of food products.
Provalor will investigate the feasibility of developing such an ingredient from the pulp that is released after the extraction of inulin from Chicory roots. This very large residual has potential nutritional and very interesting features and is neutral in taste and colour. The project concerns the feasibility of extraction, ingredient development and application, as well as research into the nutritional value and economic viability. In addition, the laws and regulations will be investigated.
For this project, financial support was provided by a grant under the “SME Innovation stimulation in the Top Sectors” program of the RFO.

Cichorei wortel