Research and development

Development, implementation, and exploiting knowledge are Provalor’s core business. Knowledge is gained by initiating research projects and performing this alone or with third parties in various fields. Provalor participates in major international EU projects as well.
Provalor as a knowledge and innovation platform, together with its associates, is strongly market-oriented. So in addition to responding to modern consumer trends, it is certainly watching social trends such as sustainable sourcing of raw materials, food waste, and replacing animal protein with vegetable protein, to name a few.

Provalor constantly invests in research, with the aim to continue to renew the product portfolio continuously and to maintain knowledge advantage in a broad sense. Main areas of investment were:

  • Innovative ingredients of plant origin
  • Bio refinery as a technology field.

It is known that there is a broad, growing attention focus on residues of vegetables as a valuable resource, because people realise this is a very large concern and raw material has a very positive image, vegetables are healthy.

Provalor, with its more than 15 years of experience, takes a strong lead in this field, which can be further built on in the future.

The main research projects of Provalor are briefly explained.